TV broadcasting in trains serving passengers on 12 Moscow Metro lines

Today we want to share the success story of how we took part in the large-scale project on content preparation and broadcasting of 12 channels in the Moscow underground trains.

The Moscow Metro is the backbone of the Moscow transport system. It consists of 15 lines and 269 stations, on which more than 12 thousand trains are passed daily. There are 6200 video screens installed in the subway cars, which broadcast TV channels, information videos, and commercials. The monitors are designed for a large audience: more than 7 million people use the metro every day.


Preparation and broadcasting of 12 TV channels together with advertising content in Moscow Metro trains. Announcements and alerts should be inserted into broadcast.


Elecard, SoftLab-NSK, and Stream Labs developed and implemented the hardware and software complex for preparation, broadcasting, and monitoring of TV channels in metro trains of 12 lines. This solution is based on the transcoder Elecard CodecWorks and high-density servers. CodecWorks supports H.265/HEVC, which is especially important in this project, as the communication bandwidth in the rolling stock is limited. HEVC allows broadcasting video of higher quality due to a higher degree of compression, as opposed to the AVC format. The solution guarantees stable broadcasting, as it includes redundancy of all system components. If an error occurs, the schema will automatically switch to the reserve source, and viewers will not notice a failure.

The solution supports targeted advertising adjusted for the content availability and duration. A playlist with a specific set of informational videos and commercials is prepared for each subway line. The system is integrated with external systems of advertising content delivery.


  • System implementation in metro trains of 12 lines
  • Content broadcasting to a large audience
  • Targeted advertising based on content duration
  • Robust broadcast due to redundancy of all system components
  • Solution integration, exclusive technical support on site

“We came up with the task to implement broadcasting of media content with targeted advertising in Moscow Metro. We turned to Elecard with request to provide a high-quality software solution. The implemented solution allows us to broadcast not only commercials but also sports ans cultural events. On behalf of the company I would like to express my gratitude to Elecard employees for the project implementation and professional support at all stages of the system integration,” comments Maxim Shemegon, Development Director of the Moscow Metro State Unitary Enterprise.

Elecard CodecWorks is a professional software solution for real-time decoding, encoding, and transcoding into MPEG-2/AVC/HEVC with up to 16K resolution supporting multi-screen encoding and HLS/MPEG-DASH adaptive streaming technologies. CodecWorks has passed through comprehensive testing and guarantees high performance and continuous content delivery suitable for projects of any scale and complexity.

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