Globecast chose Elecard Boro monitoring system to ensure the best video quality on cloud playback platform

Globecast is a global leader in media services for media entertainment. Recently, they have created a cloud playback system for one of its largest customers. To ensure that everything plays correctly, Globecast has used Elecard Boro.

The Elecard Boro monitoring system is a software solution for UDP, RTP, HTTP, HLS and DASH streams quality control and measurement of QoS and QoE parameters in all segments of distributed networks.

Customer’s task

Quality control of cloud and on-premise endpoints during development, implementation and operation of the cloud playback platform.


Boro probes were installed both on Windows and Linux virtual machines, as well as various workstations on-premise. The system is used to monitor channels in SRT, RTP, HLS formats. Each probe has been optimized for raising alarms pertinent to a particular location, and in a particular format. Following the initial POC tests, Boro is used to monitor activities in the cloud and gain full end-to-end QoS confidence for related terrestrial endpoints (with varying distribution formats).

Solution scheme


  • Clear view of stream qualities in all operating zones
  • Fast deployment and easy operation due to intuitive user interface
  • Improved quality of provided services
  • Easy collaboration with partners thanks to remote access to probes and data sharing
  • Efficient fault area localization using consolidated view
  • Cost saving due to flexible licensing
  • Reducing overhead and operational costs thanks to use-case optimization
  • Faster reaction to faults and less human errors

“ With a minimal amount of training, we were able to deploy and activate probes typically within minutes. The biggest benefit of this solution is the intuitive user interface. With pricing tied to service counts rather than number of instances, eliminated any stress factors around costly one-off deployments in critical areas. I have to commend the Elecard team for a mature solution that helped us overcome the various unknowns with such a challenging and demanding project. We see Boro as a go-to resource as we expand our service offerings and partnerships on virtual platforms.” said Andrew Kim, Broadcast Engineering Manager, Globecast Americas.

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