Ad insertion monitoring

  • The Bandwidth reservation() command requests additional bandwidth from the compression system to be used for transmitting an elementary PID stream with SCTE-35 messages.
  • The Time_signal() command transmits the precise timestamps that the receiver devices use to synchronize their operation with the sender devices.
  • The Private_command() can be used to transmit other types of data not mentioned in the SCTE-104/35 specifications.
  • The ad insert must not differ from the main stream in its structure (such as codec/bitrate/GOP/volume etc.)
  • The ad insert must start strictly from the I frame, otherwise the first GOP of the insert will be corrupted.

Ad insertion monitoring in IPTV

Given the above nuances, multiplied by the number of different regions where local ads are served, we might ask ourselves: how can we keep track of the process quality?

Ad insertion schedule
Boro event log
  • CRC32 check error when reading binary data in the transport stream or the HLS tag
  • Mismatch between the tag’s binary data and the HLS tag data of the playlist. The details are passed in the parameters as two values in the tag_<data> and binary_<data> format.

Ad insertion monitoring in OTT

ОТТ broadcasting has created new opportunities for ad insertion but also brought new challenges.


Ad insertion monitoring is not easy for many reasons but can be done using the right tools.



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